Veterans Tennis begins at Over 35 and runs in five-year age groups up to Over 80 in most competitions.

To qualify to play in a particular age group you must reach that age at some point during the calendar year. For example to play in Over 35 age group events in 2019, you must be aged 35 or over at some point during 2019 (your 35th birthday could be in December 2019).

NOTE: The official ITF term for Veterans Tennis is “Seniors” (this may cause confusion with “Seniors” as used to define adult tennis not restricted by age group). Age groups from Over 55 upwards are defined as “Super Seniors”. However this naming is not always followed in Irish tournaments.


If you wish to register as a Veteran player and be considered for Ulster veteran selection, please complete the form.


The Veterans calendar has a wide range of different tournaments taking place throughout the year.

The latest Tennis Ireland Veterans tournament calendar is available here.

Tournament times

The main tournaments during the season are:

  • Irish Indoor Veterans Championships – David Lloyd Belfast
  • Ulster Veterans Open – Belfast Boat Club
  • County Antrim Veterans Championships – Ballycastle
  • County Fermanagh Veterans Championships – Irvinestown

Veterans tournaments are generally run over a few days/weekend e.g. Friday to Sunday . Tournaments are open to players of all standards.