Tennis 10 events are for players under 10 and are grouped into three groups:

  1. Red ball – Under 8 – half court with soft red ball
  2. Orange ball – Under 9 – three quarter court with soft orange ball
  3. Green ball – Under 10 – full court with soft green ball

Players are NOT permitted to play a higher age group unless they have been awarded a Tennis Ireland Passport allowing them to play up to a higher age group (see Passports). This includes players who are Under 10 playing Under 12 (yellow ball) events.

Most open tournaments will run Tennis 10 events during the tournament. They may take place over a morning or afternoon.

There is also a Tennis 10 circuit of events run at different clubs at different times (usually Sunday mornings).


Players who are aged under 10 must play in the appropriate category (Red, Orange or Green) unless they are specifically allowed to play in a higher category through being awarded a Tennis Ireland “passport”.

Players aged Under 10 are not permitted to play Under 12 events unless they have a passport allowing them to play from green to yellow ball events.

Once a player has been awarded a passport, they must play in the higher age group and not play in their previous age group.

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