Safeguarding Children & Young People in Sport (£15), 7-10pm on the following dates, 30/09/19 (LVLP), 21/10/19 (Lough Moss), 11/11/19 (LVLP), 20/01/20 (LVLP), 24/02/20 (LVLP) and 06/04/19 (LVLP).

First-Aid in Sport (£25) 6-10pm on the following dates, 07/10/19 (LVLP), 18/11/19 (Lough Moss), 27/01/20 (LVLP), 02/03/20 (LVLP).

Defibrillator Training £10) 7-10pm on 28/10/19 (LVLP).

Managing Bullying Behaviour in Sports Clubs (£10) 7-10pm on 04/11/19 (Lough Moss).

Good Club Governance (FREE) 7-10pm on 25/11/19 (LVLP).

Sports Mind – Set Master Class in Sports Psychology (£10) 7-10pm on 03/02/20 (LVLP).

Children’s Designated Officer Training (£15) 7-10pm on 10/02/20 (LVLP).

Sports Nutrition for Performance (£10) 7-10pm on 17/02/20 (LVLP).

Inclusive games – Catering for People with Disabilities (£10) 7-10pm on 09/03/20 (LVLP).

Sports Performance Analysis (£10) 7-10pm on 23/03/20 (LVLP).

Flyers with application forms attached will be circulated soon

Also online booking is now open for some of the courses, the rest will be available to book soon.

Visit Lagan Valley LeisurePlex website, sign up and then click book online and search for the course you wish to attend.