Action Mental Health

Sport Northern Ireland, in partnership with Public Health Agency, has engaged with Action Mental Health to offer a 90 minute interactive session that supports the mental health and emotional well being of those involved within Sport Clubs and the wider sporting community


Sport Northern Ireland in partnership with Public Health Agency has engaged with Aware NI to offer a 90 minute session based on understanding how our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical well being can be affected when we face a setback. It will focus on how to build our resilience to allow us to: • Enjoy our successes • Enjoy the good things in life • Deal with the difficult things as and when they happen • Build on our ability and capacity to bounce back

Sporting Chance

Sport Northern Ireland has engaged with Sporting Chance (Established by former Arsenal and England football captain Tony Adams to provide a specialist addiction and recovery facility for athletes) to offer a Lifestyle Education Seminar. This session will introduce athletes to the information and tools they need to avoid the pitfalls and destructive behaviour patterns that can develop in sport.

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