Tennis Ireland and the Ulster Branch welcome pathway for easing of restrictions.

Tennis Ireland and its Ulster Branch welcomed the release, today, of the NI Executive’s Five Step Plan for easing the current COVID-19 Restrictions.

Tennis Ireland Chief Executive, Richard Fahey and Ulster Branch Chairman, William Noteman, along with representatives from the broader sporting sector, were invited to attend a call with Northern Ireland’s Minister for Culture, Deirdre Hargey, who outlined the detail in the plan.

The plan outlines a pathway out of the lockdown for 9 different sectors including Sport and within each pathway are 5 stages of easing of the restrictions.  The Northern Ireland Executive is committed to a four-week review cycle, where they will monitor the data on a range of health and societal impacts, before considering what relaxations can be made safely.

The Minister outlined that the movement and progression through the various stages will be driven by key public health data such as the level of daily cases, the level of hospital admissions, the number of vaccinations carried out and economic data rather than being driven by specific dates.

The Minister outlined that the first review of the data will take place on the 16th March after which the sporting sector, including Tennis Ireland will be invited to engage with Sport NI to finalise the protocols that will allow a safe return for our clubs and players in each step of the plan.

The Five Step Plan can be downloaded at

Richard Fahey

Chief Executive

Tennis Ireland