Bangor LTC win the North South League 2017


After two weekends of competitive tennis and great fun, Bangor LTC have won the 2017 North / South league, which was  hosted by Dundalk Tennis Club.
The North / South league has been running since 2009 and was the brainchild of Dundalk coach John McGahan who, working with Lyn Jamison of Portadown Tennis Club  brought together 6 teams from the North and 6 teams from the South to play on a league basis. The current condensed format involves play over two weekends at the very central and accessible Dundalk Tennis Club.
This highly prestigious event is by invitation only and Bangor were delighted to receive an invitation in 2016 for the first time.  Having finished fourth last year it was a great achievement for Bangor to win the event this year and become only the second team from the North to win the event.
Thanks must go to the small but dedicated organising committee of Lyn Jamison from Portadown Tennis Club and Jill Steeples from Dundalk Tennis Club, without who’s efforts this event would not be possible. Thanks also to Dundalk Tennis Club for hosting the event.
If you are lucky enough to receive an invite to this event you should accept it quickly. This is an event which  will continue to grow in popularity.